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PREX is committed to its customers. We’ve always been focused on our clients, always providing what needs to be done to make sure their exterior renovation project fully lives up to the expectations they had before signing with us. With 15 years of exterior painting experience, it’s easy to see why we’ve become experts in the exterior spray-paint business in the greater Montreal area.

PREX is a locally owned and operated by its owners

PREX is a locally owned and operated business, our co-ownership is all about offering up-close and personal quality exterior painting services.

Focused, experienced and right here for you, that’s what makes the PREX difference.
Bob & Vince.

Robert LaRocque
Robert LaRocqueCo-owner | Montreal & North Shore Operations
It’s all about trust. For starters, how about Bob’s 15 year career in the RCMP. His many years as a police officer have served him well when dealing with people and property. An easy to talk to guy that always lends a listening ear. From his early retirement, he has led a very successful business venture over the years with co-owner Vincent. Concerned about safety, business etiquette and financial transactions associated with your future home renovation? Worry no more, you’re in good hands with PREX.
Vincent Chiarizia
Vincent ChiariziaCo-Owner | Montreal & South Shore Operations
If you have to pick someone to paint the exterior of your house, we hope its someone as qualified as Vince. Indeed he’s been a professional painter for more than 30 years now, applying trade skills and master painting know-how to every exterior paint job he has worked on. Not only is Vincent an expert at exterior painting, he is responsible for conveying his expertise to our team members, thus ensuring the customer is always satisfied. Have a paint question, why not drop him a line!