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Looking to give your home or business some added curb appeal and added value in the process. Look no further. PREX has you covered with qualified painters for all types of exterior house painting, including sidings, doors & windows and more.

As the years pass, humidity and grime take their toll on your home’s exterior surfaces. Aluminium and vinyl siding become dull and powdery, brick and stucco lose their brilliance and wood loses its protective properties. Exterior siding substrates leave your home or commercial building at the mercy of bad weather. That’s where PREX comes in…

15 Years of Experience in Exterior Paint Services

PREX specializes in exterior painting services for all types of substrates on residential and commercial properties, in the greater Montreal area, the South Shore, Laval, the North-Shore and surrounding areas. Thanks to our vast experience, our know-how and our quality control, you will save up to 70% of the cost of replacement when you do business with PREX to repaint the outside of your home, cottage, business or industrial building.

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5 Reasons to Choose PREX Spray Painting

Our Photoshop Services…
PREX Covers that Too!

Our Photoshop renderings provide you with a pretty close approximation of the what your paint scheme will look like.
Our Photoshop renderings provide you with a pretty close approximation of the what your paint scheme will look like.

PREX is all about customer satisfaction, and to make sure you’re truly amazed with your home’s new exterior painting colour palate, we offer custom Photoshop mockups of what your house will look like after work is done.

Of course, we can let you choose your own paint colours, but why chance it when it comes to getting it right the first time around?

Not only do you get the best exterior painting service available, we make certain that your colour choices are harmonized and reflect today’s design tendencies. Not sure, our photomontage service is available so that you can visualize the final result before we proceed with your exterior painting.

PREX is a locally owned and operated business, which means you are working with owners, NOT franchised operators

Our co-ownership is all about offering 100% quality exterior paint services to our local clients here in Quebec.

Want Results? PREX has Your Spray Painting Covered…

Prex_exterior_siding_ painting_montreal_laval_rive_sud_exterior house painting“My first concern was for the safety of my child when considering exterior painting of our house’s siding. PREX reassured us with their commitment to environmentally friendly paints.”
– Cherryl T.

Prex_exterior_siding_ painting_montreal_laval_rive_sud_exterior house painting“We didn’t want to spend too much on exterior renovations, but we quickly realized how much value we would be getting back once we decided to sell for our retirement”
– The Leclair’s

Prex_exterior_siding_ painting_montreal_laval_rive_sud_exterior house painting“I just couldn’t believe the before and after effect we got in only a couple of days. I thought I’d have to take off work while the house was being painted… PREX made the whole process truly successful”
– Peter McManister

Prex_exterior_siding_ painting_montreal_laval_rive_sud_exterior house painting“The picture says it all… We were laughing all the way to the bank as the saying goes, once the appraisers gave us a new home valuation. Thanks PREX!”
– Jeff and Lyne Coulombe

* The photos shown are for illustrative purposes only to maintain the confidentiality of our clients.

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